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So its delivery day and we’ve got 2 massive units and we’re faced with 6 flights of stairs to reach the second with them.  Someone didn’t have time to check the building out because he thought it was the same as the one he’d worked at previously, but it wasn’t.  This certain someone thought that the lockers were being installed on the ground floor of the building, so this certain someone told Danny that it would be ok to glue it all together as we’d…… “just wheel it in mate!!! EASY!!”  This someone is me, and I couldn’t have been more wrong, so the whole team are probably silently cussing me because of it.  Life is the greatest teacher, when you get too big for your boots it smashes you back down to earth!

 Thankfully by some miracle the guys didn’t kill me and we got it up the stairs!!!


You get the process by now, I produce drawings for approval and the architect signs it off to say they are happy and we can proceed, we know what we are doing when it comes to lockers, we’ve been doing them for 5 or 6 years and our process’ are tight and everything works like a dream (When the gaffer surveys the site that is). We produce these for Coventry University and they are for personal belongings and have a Salto electronic key card operated lock.

The carcases are constructed using a wood grain melamine faced board with a matching ABS edging. and the doors are laminated MDF, The architect usually specifies 3 different colours that are then fitted in a random configuration.  Pretty cool and effective.


The heavy stuff is on the second floor and the rest can go up in the lift, we start fitting it all and everything is going well,  Josh and Charlie are fitting hinges to doors, Danny and Owen are putting the unit together and Lee and I are preparing the salto locks to be fitted.  The well oiled machine doing what it does best, working as a team!

The install went extremely well, we got all the doors in the right place and the Salto locks worked without any issues.  Thankfully the end result made up for my colossal cock up in not surveying the building properly. I have learnt my lesson!  Big thanks to the guys for clubbing together to get over the problem I had caused!

Very pleased with this one, feedback has also been good. Another one bites the dust!


Have a great long weekend!

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