Established John F. White
Carpenter and Joiner,
with a set of tools and
a Mini car.

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    First workshop was set up in the garage of Mr Fred
    and Mrs Joyce White. Small items of joinery were
    made and fitted from here.
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    First van. A Vauxhall Viva.

    First employee was taken on.

    First reception counter: Falstaff Hotel, Leamington Spa.
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    Ken Armstrong was employed.

    The second workshop was taken on and the team moved into the buildings
    behind Princes Street DIY Centre. The main type of
    work carried out here was domestic work (windows,
    doors and other furniture items.)

    A bay window was
    once manufactured so big that it had to be carried
    over a few garden fences to find an entry between
    houses big enough to get it out.
  • 1973

    Susan Bennett joined JFW.

    1973 - 75: Mid 70’s recession
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    Sid Thorpe joined JFW. Third workshop at the
    R/O 65 Princes Street was taken on as workload

    An upstairs workshop with storage
    and an office below. Everything had to be carried
    up and down the stairs of the workshop
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    First Abbey Hosiery,
    patterns for clothing
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    First export. 3D inspection units to Israel and South

    First bar ft: Mount Pleasant, Coventry.
  • 1978-v3-150x150@2x.png


    John and Sid build
    a speedboat
  • 1979

    Dexter Hendricks joins
    JFW as an apprentice.
  • 1980

    1980 – 81: Early 80’s
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    Third workshop was taken on in Slingsby Close,
    Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate. A ground
    floor industrial unit with large doors and a small
    offce. The move saw traumatic times as overheads
    were higher than Princes Street and the poor
    economy caused a slump in work.
  • 1984

    First job for the NHS, a reception counter for
    George Eliot Hospital. We still enjoy a great
    working relationship with the trust today
  • 1985

    Blacksmiths Arms, a simple bar top re-lacquer and
    an optics rail, however, the landlord loaded the
    optics rail up with the largest spirit bottles available
    which pulled the optics rail off the wall and onto the
    bar top, destroying all the alcohol and damaging the top...
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    Adam was born
  • q10-300x300.png


    Matthew was born
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    First Little Chef, Northampton.
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    Purchased Unit 6 Veasey Close, the home of JFW ever
    since. Alterations were made to the unit including a
    mezzanine floor and an inner lobby area to meet and
    greet. New machines were also purchased to help with
    the new expanding direction into the leisure industry.

    First Berni Inn bar ft, Stratford-upon-Avon. The team
    went on to manufacture and ft bars for several other
    Berni Inn’s nationwide.
  • 1990

    1990 – 91: Early 90’s recession
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    Complete bar ft of the world-famous John Snow pub
    in Soho, London. It still remains today.

    John uses delivery as an excuse for a weekend away
    and takes his father Fred White and Father
    -in-law Harold Smith to deliver
    clothing inspection units to Aspatria, using The Swan
    Hotel, Grasmere in the Lake District as a stopover.
    Harold and Fred enjoyed the whiskeys available at the
    bar that night
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    First export to Norway, Pakkhus Public House, Farsund.
    This job saw the beginning of many jobs in Scandinavia.
    The team would manufacture everything in the workshop,
    load it into a container which was then shipped off to its
    final destination. A team would then make the trip over
    by air and reassemble the furniture and cabinets on-site,
    sometimes working day and night to meet tight deadlines.
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    First export to Greenland, Tugto Rest, Sisimiut. A bar
    ft with brass dance floor and pull out stage area.

    Danny joins JFW as an apprentice
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    First export to Denmark, Rosie McGee restaurant, Skive.
    Bar backftting and restaurant furniture.

    Brown's wine bar, Coventry ft out.
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    First Shipley Amusements Centre refurb,Leamington Spa.

    Purchased Unit 5 Veasey Close, doubling the workshop
    size with a foreman’s office and a storeroom. The extra
    space allowed for the purchase of a wall saw, insuring
    neater more accurate cuts of sheet material and the
    installation of a spray booth which gave JFW the
    capability of finishing furniture safely and to a high standard.

    Abingdon School, study carrells.
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    Paula Joins JFW.

    Adam begins apprenticeship.

    First Ben’s Cookies. High St, Kensington. We are currently in
    the preparation stage of the 3rd shop reft of this store.
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    A replica door with CD storage is crafted for HM Queen
    Elizabeth II.

    John F. White Cabinetmakers becomes a Limited company
  • 2004

    Manufactured nativity crib for St Osburgs and
    Coventry City Centre, we have erected and
    dismantled this every year since.
  • 2007

    Danny becomes workshop manager.

    Adam joins JFW Ltd
  • 2008-v3-150x150@2x.png


    Riot shield fitted to white Iveco van.

    Supply of all shop furniture for Liz Earle, Leeds.

    2008 – 09: ‘The great recession’.
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    Complete shop ft, Shipley’s
    Amusements Corby
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    John retires, but not without celebration. The team enjoyed a weekend to Oktoberfest, Munich.
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    Complete shop ft, Ben’s
    Cookies Westfield, London
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    Export of Ben’s cookie shop ft materials to Saudi Arabia and Singapore
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    Manufacture and installation of ward furniture to brand new ward block at Warwick Hospital.
  • 2016

    Refurb of our original shopfit at Shipley’s Amusements, Leamington Spa.
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    Large project for Bromsgrove School Routh and Cobham buildings.

    Manufacture and installation of counter, cabinets and nurse bases for new buildings at Stratford Hospital
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    Homag Edgebander is purchased and installed. Improving the quality of our finished panel products.
  • 2019