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Over the years we have developed a great working relationship with the NHS.  Working closely with their estates and facilities department we can get right down to the nitty gritty and provide exactly what the users want and need.  We will manufacture, install and deliver anything from mobile drawer pedestals to magazine racks and to reception counters and Nurse bases.  Anything!

The NHS are working extremely hard to update, upgrade and improve everything they can to offer the best possible care to us.  Pride is taken from top to bottom and the passion for care is unyielding.  Seeing this just makes us want to do our very best for them.


A typical project will start out with myself or Danny making a site visit with the facilities, estates or development manager who will have organised a meeting with the staff and users of the proposed item, we will then ask questions about what’s important to them and how they work, what they are having that’s new and if they need anything adding that would make their life easier.  We will then have a brief chat with the electricians and data people and come up with a plan of action on how the counter is to be wired up etc.  Before leaving, measurements and photos are taken, colours are discussed and we head back to the office to design the item.

With measurements in front of me I transfer it onto the computer to produce a layout, from that layout I can produce a 3D line drawing, I find this is the best way to show the client exactly what they are getting.  I am fortunate to be able to have an idea in my mind of how it will look, this is something I am guilty of taking for granted, it’s so hard for some people to visualise in their mind what it will look like so the 3d image can really help them get to grips with the proposal, they can then come back with any feedback and I can make the changes needed for approval.  Sometimes I will add colour to the image to help decide on a new colour scheme, or even if the trust need to go away for fund raising to help pay for the item.  Having a 3D rendered image showing exactly what it will look like can really help with fund raising as the generous donators can see what they are putting funds towards.

Once the design is approved it goes into the workshop for manufacture and once built up we will deliver and install it.  After install we silicone seal and clean the unit. Only sparkies and data have to do anything to the unit. Which usually only takes a few hours.

The NHS have had it so tough this last year and have done everyone proud!  We for one are proud to be supporting their efforts by giving them exactly what they want with the furniture we produce!!

Have a great weekend.


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