Elevating interior spaces with premium furniture and world-class craftsmanship


Maximise classroom spaces with custom-made classroom furniture designed to engage learners and empower educators. We create library furniture, desks, science labs and trophy cabinets that embody all of the essentials for true instruction.

Hospital Furniture

We take a human-centred approach in the creation of our hospital furniture such as nurse bases, reception desks, ward furniture, mobile units, storage units and information systems. We can furnish a myriad of care environments, empowering healthcare professionals to improve efficiencies and maximise functionality and workflow.

Reception Counters

Here at John F. White, we pair exceptional service with premium furniture. We are a full-service furniture company that can design and install custom-built counters using a range of materials, methods and styles.

Commercial Furniture

Browse our wide collection of shop-fit furniture, fittings, bars and displays to create a high-performing workspace. We offer a wealth of choices for small and large commercial establishments that will elevate the work experience for employees, improve performance and increase productivity.

Domestic Furniture

Elevate everyday spaces with bespoke, stylish yet functional furniture that fits your lifestyle. We can maximise a compact space without having to sacrifice style and comfort. At John F. White Ltd, we have everything you will ever need to turn your house into a home. We can turn any space into a warm and inviting sanctuary for the family.

Point-of-Sale Furniture and Displays

Set up point-of-sale displays to grab the attention of consumers and sell more products with no interaction. We can make you silent sales items, sales furniture and all kinds of displays to increase revenue. Great

Bespoke Design

If you have an idea or a vision but don’t have any plans or direction. Not a problem, we can design, consult and develop your ideas or existing plans with expert advice and professional drawings.

International Shipping

Do you have space with exciting potential outside of the UK? No problem! We can ship and install all of our furniture internationally.