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Founded in 1969, John F. White has always valued craftsmanship and quality, creating an established reputation spanning half a century. Our unrivalled quality service and expertise in commercial cabinetmaking have earned us a name as a high-end custom woodworking company in both the UK and abroad.



Here at John F. White Ltd, we go the extra mile to deliver services that exceed expectations. We work hard to simplify the design process, while providing as much technical advice as required. If preferred, our highly-skilled teams of designers and manufacturers can innovate and create with minimal help. (Input from you the client?) From the drawing board to installation, we can process everything for you end-to-end.

Our Process

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See how our furniture is made for 50 years

Quality That Lasts a Lifetime

Everything we do at John F. White Ltd reflects the quality of our workmanship. Our craftsmen have years of experience under their belts, enabling them to provide pieces of impeccable taste. Every item is built with painstaking attention to detail. They will do what it takes to fulfil your vision, from custom education and hospital furniture to shop fittings.

Masters of Our Craft

Our skilled cabinetmakers, furniture makers, and joinery experts thrive on a challenge. Working on a diverse range of projects presents our craftsmen with opportunities to showcase their talents. At John F. White Ltd, we believe that every project is an opportunity to discover something new. Every lesson we gain from one undertaking empowers us to solve issues in the next.

From providing hospital furniture as high-quality as we do education furniture, our list of clients reflects our ability to take on diverse fields. We also often work with client designers, architects, and shopfitters for better collaboration.

World-Class Craftsmanship

Together with European designers and architects, John F. White has had many successful projects—from cabinet to bar and restaurant refurbishments—in 50 years of service. Opening our doors to international markets has also allowed us to develop our ability to punctually deliver high-quality projects both at home and abroad.


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