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It’s been a funny old week, received a call from John:

“have you heard about your brother?”


“he’s been hit by a car……”


“Don’t worry he’s fine.”

You know when you wish someone would start with that little detail? “Don’t worry, he’s fine but your brother got hit by a car.” Still a shock but the initial worry and stress has been taken away.

Anyway, he is fine, my brother, unlike me is built like a tank and can withstand a whack from a Ford Fusion from time to time.

So I spent my Tuesday in A&E making sure he gets a proper good check-up, you see my brother is a caring soul and puts everyone else before himself, not wanting to burden the NHS despite the ambulance team advising a trip to Walsgrave, so being the annoying big brother that I am, I insisted on taking him and sitting with him, I became even more annoying when I was pointing out all the different items of furniture we have done in the A&E at George Eliot.


We provide various services to George Eliot Hospital, such as staff bases, radar bases, TV units, medical gases housings and more. We have a strong and long-lasting partnership with this local customer. The Estates department contacts me whenever they need our assistance. I assess their needs, offer a quote and a preliminary design, and if all OK we then proceed with the project development.

The trust has assigned us two tasks: a signing-in hatch for the estates department and a new top for the League of Friends servery counter in Maternity. The latter is a complex one as we need to fit the new top on top of the existing one. We have taken templates of the current top to fabricate the new one, so we can minimise the installation time on site.

Meanwhile our Homag Edgebander is down…. A huge blow, the downtime isn’t great as it sets us back on our commitments, also the cost to repair the machine is by no means cheap, we need some new parts and these come at a premium because it’s such a good machine, this is a real test of the old resilience, but we pick ourselves up and carry on because these things happen!



The team is working on several projects while the repairs are in progress. These include three nurse stations for Forest of Dean Community Hospital, phase four of Berkeley Lodge, corner bookcases, a refreshment unit for a care home in Knutsford, and the items for George Eliot Hospital. We are as busy as ever but still keeping our eye on the ball ensuring we still deliver the quality product everyone has come to expect.

I hope you all have a smashing weekend!!


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