Cookie Shops and Compressors

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It has been a bit of a quiet week this week in the workshop, the lads have been on site in London re-fitting out Ben’s Cookies, Brunswick.

We produced all the furniture for this towards the end of last year and have been storing the item’s ready for the big fit this week.

We’ve been working closely with Ben’s Cookies for over 20 years now so these re-fits are definitely not new to us, Danny knows the shops like the back of his hand. His knowledge of all the workings, service and processes of each store/premises is outstanding. He knows what was used where and when, how the furniture and other items were fitted and any quirky bits of information that would be soon forgotten about after a fit.

Cookie shops and Compressors

For those of you who have travelled into London for work will know how difficult it is, I’m not talking  about catching the slow train in from Nuneaton or wherever you catch your trains, or parking at Stanmore and hopping on the tube, I’m speaking specifically about taking a Luton van full of furniture and fittings with tools and men through the traffic and badgers warren that is the road system of London. Having to pay the various applicable charges whish relate to the vehicle you have to then be faced with next to no parking or difficult centre managements who won’t let you park in their very empty service yards……

Funny Story, when we re-fitted the Covent Garden store, I think for the 3rd time, we got Aub to drive around London all day whilst we worked in the shop as there wasn’t anywhere to park and the traffic wardens would be on you quicker than a hungry dog at a BBQ. It’s safe to say the place isn’t very contractor friendly.

Apologies but I can’t share too much of the Brunswick store as Ben’s are hoping for the big unveiling next week and I don’t want to spoil it, but here is a sneak peek.

Cookie shops and Compressors

This isn’t the only reason it has been quiet, We’ve upgraded our compressor…..  We’ve gone from a 26 year old noisy leaky compressor to a brand spanking new variable speed, refrigerant dried, ultra quiet, super efficient bit of kit. The volume difference is astounding.

Old Compressor


Cookie shops and Compressors

New Compressor

This has really futureproofed us and will aid the efficiency of our production for the years to come.

I hope you all have a smashing weekend!!

Take it easy.


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