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With the end of the financial year looming we continue to battle through this crazy time by installing furniture as fast as we can make it!  This week we finished up an install for a new customer who specialise in commercial interiors, they were coming to the end of a project for a company that calibrate specialist equipment and needed some bespoke furniture for one of their laboratories.  They gave me full disclosure when the enquiry was made, they informed me that the client had used a company to supply and install the previous laboratories and they were not impressed with the quality, so we had to assure them that we could produce a better quality product.  We agreed to meet on site to discuss requirements and take a look at what was previously supplied.


The site was in Blaby, Leicester.  An awesome new industrial unit with a ground floor of labs and work areas and a first floor of offices.  We met in the lab that was to be fitted out and I explained our process and the steps we need to take to get the job completed to our usual standard.  I then took a look at what was previously supplied and I knew straight away that we would be able to massively improve on it.

I priced up the work based on what was specified and my price was accepted, the next step was to produce drawings so they could be approved and we would have something to work to in the workshop.  I locked myself away in my office at home and drew what seemed to be endless amounts of drawers and drawer units.

Once the drawings were sent off A meeting was set up to meet with the client to make sure that everything was covered and they were getting exactly what they wanted.  I met with the client at their existing workplace and was shown the types of equipment that would be stored in the drawers and cupboards.  Some of the equipment was ridiculously heavy, and I realised that we needed to use some specialist runners to take the weight, I mentioned this and took a note, we then went back to the new lab and I laid out a footprint of new lab using brown paper and masking tape, this gave the client an idea of where everything was going to sit and if the configuration worked for them.  After some minor and not so minor tweaks we were ready to go on manufacture.


Danny had the mammoth task of building all the drawers and drawer units. His first mission was to make sure our supplier had supplied the right size and amount of runners, they hadn’t as usual so he had to sort that out first.  Eventually he was able to get cracking and before long we had cabinets and drawers everywhere in the workshop.

We used a fantastic drawer system called Movento S from Blum. They are a soft close under mount runner with full adjustment if required. They have a weight tolerance of 40KG, to put it into perspective that’s nearly 2 bags of cement!!  So these would hold the clients heavy equipment no problem.  The best thing about them being under mount is the weight distribution is on the runners rather than the runners fixings.  Some runners boast up to 120 KG weight limits, but they’re only as strong as the fixings you use.

Pretty technical bit of kit which takes some setting up, but its well worth it!


The client had requested that we be completed by mid March, however we improved on this massively and Danny, Josh, Charlie and myself installed the majority of the furniture at the beginning of march.  We were asked to leave a run of cupboards out so that they could install a very heavy and awkward piece of equipment.

Josh and I returned this week to fit the remaining units and top and to make sure everything was perfect for our customer.


We have received some excellent feedback from all involved, we have been asked to price some replacement tops for the other laboratories as the client preferred ours so much more.  I received some kind words from Richard who is the Project sales manager for Company Image Commercial Interiors Ltd :







A perfect way to end the week.  Next week is set to be another crazy one as the end of the month gets closer, but we’re on track to win and win well!

Have a great weekend!


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