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Returning back to the workshop there were two big jobs remaining; re build the TV Bookcases and manufacture the Salon furniture, the Salon was not yet ready for site sizes to be obtained so we got on with putting the bookcases back together, including the fitting of LED’s and hardware.

The technology surrounding LED lighting and other electrical fittings for cabinets has become so simple and cost effective in recent years.  Thanks to this we can offer anything from a strip light or down light to an illuminated clothes rail……  All on a driver which plugs into a regular 3 pin UK socket.  These can be operated with rocker switches, push switches, door switches and even motion sensors!  Not only does this add to the diversity of our product, it helps our clients save both time and money as they don’t need to employ an electrician to illuminate their display cabinet or provide mood lighting to their new headboard.  Read on to see how we incorporated the LED’s into our units.


With the van’s loaded with furniture and men we made tracks to Brackley.  Four large units and other fittings to do whilst we were there, we had our work cut out!!!  But there really is nothing like a challenge and our team thrive on making the seemingly impossible, possible!  Splitting into teams of two we deployed to our various areas. Danny and Owen had the two first floor TV Bookcases, potentially the toughest of the days jobs, as everything had to be re-assembled once it had been carried upstairs. Josh and I had the two ground floor TV bookcases, Dexter and Charlie were set the task of all the little fittings, fixings and finishing touches which make all the difference.  A full day’s graft which any boss would be proud of was performed!  Another late one but that doesn’t matter when you get the job satisfaction we get with a successful install of some beautiful furniture.

One of four TV Units fitted that day.


Whilst on site I was able to obtain site sizes for the salon unit which we jumped on as soon as materials landed at the workshop.  One of these materials was going to be Corian, this would build up the worktop section of the unit.  I have written about Corian in a recent blog, if you missed it you can read it here.

With Owen building the unit and Lee constructing styling tables and mirror frames Danny was getting ready to spray all the items once they were ready.  We managed to turn this one around quickly in order to get on site so the plumbers could install the sinks.  Because of the urgency we had to install the unit without the doors, so another trip was needed to wrap everything up. This would be done very close to the end, which was an exciting prospect as its very rare we get to see the job completely finished.  Even though we are a manufacturer and supplier of a product that comes towards the end of a job, it is still usually quite a way off being completely finished, so getting to see it post handover is a nice treat.  Because we got to see it finished we were able to get some cracking photos.

One of four reception counters complete with mobile pedestals.

Above shows three of the four TV units, they still require the electric fires to be installed but never the less, they are looking great.

Salon furniture in all its glory. With black mirrors to contrast the cream styling tables which sit opposite the main hair wash unit.

The Library Bookcase.

A snapshot showing the illumination of the three display sections of the bookcase.  There are no visible wires or switches, the strip light is hidden behind a specially made diffuser which sits inside a groove that we cut into the board.  EVERYTHING is fitted and made to measure and I’m sure you will agree it finishes the unit off perfectly!


As long job’s go, this one was pretty satisfying.  We have produced some really nice pieces of furniture in a lovely building learning a great deal along the way.  I am just pleased that our furniture will help give homely comforts to the older generation who require care in their twilight years.  Our favourite sectors to work in are the education and healthcare sectors as we feel a great deal more satisfaction knowing that our furniture which is made to specific requirements and sizes makes a difference to each individual client.

As always I welcome you feedback, so if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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