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We’ve been producing counters in one form or another for 50 years now, so, if you are in need of one, I feel confident enough to say that we are the company for you!

We can proceed in a number of ways; perhaps you have a detailed drawing or design already, this is fine, we can work out a price based on this and even manufacture using these designs, you might know exactly what you want, you may have seen one you like on Pinterest or Instagram and have an allocated space and you just need us to make it work in that space……  Or, you have no clue, you have a space, a basic requirement and you just want some ideas.  Either way we can help, no matter your position we will make a site visit to discuss your requirements, these requirements will range from the simple:

  • Intended use
  • Amount of users
  • position and size
  • colours and materials

To the technical:

  • Electrical and data requirements
  • DDA conformity
  • Lighting
  • Access and electrical controls
  • Scope for the future

We are experienced enough to make sure that we don’t miss any of the important points to ensure you get everything yo need in a Reception Counter.


Once we have ascertained your requirements we produce designs for approval, once a design is chosen we can then produce working drawings which we will use to manufacture and can be issued to the relevant contractors such as Electricians and IT technicians.  (If you require an electrician or other type of contractor we have trusted tradespeople we work closely with on numerous projects, so we can recommend them to you.)

Below are a couple of examples of designs and working drawings:

Using these drawings you will be able to see exactly what you will be getting, you can also use these drawings to plan for electrical installations and space organisation.  If you’re also unsure on colours and materials we can develop a coloured render to help you with your colour schemes.

If you’re still struggling to picture the layout and how it will sit in your space, we can make a site visit with templates which we can layout on the floor to help you visualise how it will impact the room and how it will function with your staff.  These meetings can also be helpful to liaise with other contractors so we can make any changes should they be needed or allow the other contractors to visualise how they will be carrying out their tasks.


As you are aware, our main line of business is in the making and fitting of the furniture, so it goes without saying that we take these designs into the workshop and build whatever is drawn, then we attend site 99% of the time with the person who made the counter and install it.

I hope this has helped shed some light on our process of producing our Reception Counters and I hope you consider us for your requirements.  Should you wish to see more Reception Counters, please follow THIS LINKto our gallery.
Thanks for reading.


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