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This one has been on and off more times than a strobe light and saw more changes than 10 downing street!  We received the order back in March which was brilliant as it gave me plenty of time to get drawings and designs approved ready for manufacture, but it didn’t just give me plenty of time to sort things out, it gave the client plenty of time also, plenty of time to add things, remove things and change things, so, the initial media surround was omitted as the college was no longer having a TV, no dramas we still had plenty to be cracking on with.  Then the TV’s were back but only one big one, we quoted for a surround and were succesful, then a full media wall was chosen and a whole media wall suround was designed, I re-quoted but were unfortunately too expensive so a lower cost design was devised and we were successful……. THEN the design changed again, I requoted and thankfully my price was acceptable.

Designs went back and forth until they were approved. But with 6 days to make it…….


As luck would have it Owen was in Cirencester to fit a desk top so he managed to get some accurate sizes for the 9 screen media wall!  These sizes checked out with the sizes I had and we were able to progress with manufacture.

Removable sections to allow for the screens to be lifted off.
The Main substrate laid out ready to take the facing panels.
Facing panels locate on a combination of Lamello fittings, split battens and aluminium angles.

At a whopping 4 metres wide by 2.5 metres high we cleared some space in unit 5 and got cracking, Danny and Charlie built up the main structure while Owen and Lee fabricated the slatted panels.  All hands on deck to get it finished for Installation on Thursday!


The last week of any job is always hectic and this one was no exception.  We arrived and bagged a space under a rainbow and whilst every trade was zooming around trying to finish on time we were carrying super heavy and fragile sections into the building, stepping over block pavers as we went.  The TV’s looked huge!  A quiet prayer was made…. “To whom it may concern – please fit. Oh and don’t break the screens!”

Subframe laid out ready for the big lift.

Plan was, to assemble on the ground and lift up and into place utilising props and great care, once fixed to the wall we would fit the facing panels.  The props worked perfectly, they allowed us to make fine adjustments to level up and equal up the frame.  I’m not going to lie my heart rate was through the roof when slipping the frame over the screens, may I add with only 20mm gap, one wrong move and the screens are damaged beyond repair!  Fixing also went well as we managed to get some great fixings into the wall, which was a relief as the panels were so heavy being 40 mm thick laminated MDF.

Sighs of relief echoed the building.
Facing panels are slotted into place.

Working closely with the AV technician we fitted the facing panels in place ensuring he know how they worked so if he had to remove them to gain access, he could.  The only thing left after that was to stand back and have a good look!  I was very happy with finished article!  The lads worked hard to turn around a complicated piece so quickly and to such a high standard!

This is the last item for this part of the build in Cirencester, fingers crossed we are successful in winning the next round of items they require, this will be for a refurb to one of their existing buildings.


Have a great weekend and take it easy!


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