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First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to check out our new blog.  My goal is to update you all on a weekly basis (all being well) of the goings on here at JFW Ltd. The posts will include all types of topics ranging from the projects going on to our processes and methods we use and the history of the company.  I am also open to any suggestions of topics you would like to know more about so please get in touch with your thoughts.  I will leave my email address at the bottom of this post.


It has been a funny year for every one. For some it has been a real challenge and down right dreadful. We found ourselves “LOCKED DOWN” just as things were getting going with 2020!  We were unable to get materials or get on site to install the things we had already made. So the decision was forced to close operations. Frustrating when the orders were starting to come in, but it could not be helped.  Speaking personally I am extremely lucky to work with a great team.  We get on both inside and outside of work and have something that a lot of organisations would be jealous of; a common passion for a job and goal, which we all work towards and help each other achieve what we need to to get there.  So being locked down we all kept in touch daily sharing our goings on of the foods we cooked, our gardening and home projects. You can take the cabinetmakers out of work but you can’t take the work and graft out of a cabinetmaker!


So, after countless chopping boards and bird feeders, a summer house, a pagoda, a fully landscaped garden, the purchase of a property, many bought and sold bicycles and wooden crafts too diverse to mention we were told to “Go to work , don’t go to work……….” Which for us, meant “Go to work!”  With a phased return of staff members, after Danny and I set the workshop up with the new operating procedures to help ensure social distancing we began work.  Slow at first but it didn’t take long for things to get moving.  I must admit I was concerned with how things would be, would we be restricted from going on site?  Would we struggle to get materials?  The answer to two of my many concerns was yes.  But we still had to meet the deadlines set to us.  It was all systems go, trying our best to get the work completed whilst sticking to the rules as best we could.


The four day week became a five day again and Spring became Summer!  Summer is a very busy time for us as we enjoy a healthy relationship with some schools who usually have a summer project set aside for us.  However this year we had to catch up with the projects that were shelved due to the virus and keep up with the orders for items that were always planned for the school summer holidays!  The team did exceptionally well to meet every single deadline set!  Especially the ones that seemed impossible at the time!




We had very little time to develop the design and manufacture this complex structure, but Danny Josh and Charlie did a fantastic job making it happen. Winterfold School was just one of the projects over the summer, I shan’t go into them all now as I want to cover them all on separate blog posts.





As well as all the work going on, we completed the purchase of Unit 4 Veasey Close, which increases our operational space by a third!  We have exciting plans for this which I will cover in future posts, expect lots of demolition photo’s!  The ownership of this unit means we have the whole run of industrial units from Unit 4 – 6. Adding office space and more workshop space.





Thanks again for taking the time to read what I have to say, I welcome all feedback as I hope to develop this blog into something everybody looks forward to reading every week.  I hope to post once a week, Sometimes with workload I may not make it, but I promise to do my best.



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