WHAT WE DO – PART 2 – Sheltered Accommodation – Bond Street, Coventry

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Using the drawings issued to the relevant trades on site, we developed them to be used by the guys here in the workshop.

From these drawings they produce a cutting list and with materials we order they set about machining the items required, they are then assembled in the workshop and everything is tested to make sure it works how we want it to.  We like to do as much as possible in our workshop, where we have all our specialist tools and machines to alter or change anything with little to minimum effort or fuss. Everything is then protected with foam and wrapped using cling film to protect from dust and damage”

(I will explain more about our manufacturing process in other posts)


Before attending site we must produce and issue site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements.  Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you they are dull, it’s just not true.  They are a rip roaring roller coaster of emotion and joy from start to finish, making you feel happiness you never ever thought possible……  No, I’m sorry, I can’t do it……  They are the worst, sheer boredom and repetitiveness on a piece of paper, but unfortunately a necessity and in some ways it can help with picturing how you are going to carry out the install.  We take Health and Safety seriously here so it really isn’t much trouble to produce the relevant documentation.  In addition the team all have CSCS cards (A card you must pass a safety test to obtain which then permits you to work on a building site).  Have training in Working from height, manual handling and asbestos awareness and we also provide all the necessary personal protective equipment.


Armed with our CSCS cards and ‘RAMS’ (Risk Assessments & Method Statements) we arrive on site as florescent as a mountain biker in fog and wearing super stylish hats designed to protect us from falling meteorites or bricks, we attend the site induction.  Another wonderful invention designed to steal your life, but again, necessary, as it brings to your attention the potential hazards, the location of relevant facilities and the site specific rules.

For this site install we decided to take the whole team, many hands make light work and we needed this to be light work as each lage panel had the material cost of around £350.00 and each ceiling recess had at least 4 large panels……. So, we hired a board lifter to help us install the frames and panels.

Producing the drawings for the other trades really paid off, everything fit perfectly and we had no holdups or real problems.  All the frames and panels were fixed in place as planned with some minor cut outs to allow for services to pass through.  We completed the plan for that day and organised to return in a couple of weeks when the site was closer to completion to install the more delicate items, such as the foam acoustic baffles and the fixed sofa.

Setting everything out in CAD for approval and manufacture is key for us.  All the baffles hung right where they were supposed to and the sofa seat fit between the walls and up to the previously installed panel as well as we could ever have hoped.  After a once over with the site management team to ensure they were happy with everything (which they were) we packed up, cleaned up and were on our way.


It feels great to finish installing a job, you get to see the finished article which first came to us as a sketch or drawing on a piece of paper, which we took and developed and made achievable to the budget available.  Our service doesn’t end on delivery and installation though…..  Most clients require what is called a Building Manual or Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M for short).  So it’s our job to put together a document which details all materials used, including references, data sheets and any warranties applicable, also maintenance and care instructions such aswhat to use and how to clean the furniture.  In some cases we have to include all ‘as built drawings’ for future reference.  We also guarantee our product for six months against any form of defect that may occur, which is backed up by the client holding back an amount of the final settlement as retention which is used as guarantee for them.  Once the O&M Manual is issued we can then send off our final invoice for payment, this is then hopefully paid in the time agreed at the meeting everybody took part of way back at the beginning of the project.


I do hope this has been an interesting read for you.  It is always my goal to emphasise that here at JFW Ltd we don’t just make stuff.  We take an idea and a dream and make it happen.  Sometimes this could be as simple as the team gathering around the bench to discuss how to do it or it could be hours of internet research, telephone calls with technical departments or drawing something over and over again until this circle meets that circle (I’ll explain on another blog…..).  Basically, the whole team here are motivated by that end goal, that fitted piece of furniture.  We are as excited about it as you are and take as much pride in drawing it, developing it and building it as we would with something we would put into our own home.  Hopefully you get to discover this one day.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  All feedback is greatly appreciated and I am happy to cover any topics you may wish to know about.  Feel free to get in touch :- adam@jfw-cabinet.com


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