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It has been a very busy week here and I just want to let you all know what we’ve been up to.  We are currently enjoying a sizable workload of 6 separate jobs with the majority of them having deadlines of mid to end of March.  Dealing with this variety and quantity requires quite a lot of planning but between us we feel like we have it all in hand.

Here’s what we’re up to:


Dexter has been working on some desks and a screen lately and Wednesday was the day for install, so Dexter, Josh and I took a ride over and installed the perimeter desks, screen and patient check in desk.

A good team effort had us out of there by 3pm ready for them to hand over to NHS Staff on Monday afternoon.


In January Danny made a lovely Oak veneered wardrobe for a customer in Shilton, it has been in storage in Unit 4 waiting for the handles to arrive (one of many delays caused by either Brexit or Covid-19).  But, this Wednesday He was able with the help of Charlie to fit it. Here is the finished article:

I’m sure you will agree that this looks fantastic.  We used book matched veneer to ensure that the grain looked the business. The customer was extremely happy, even saying “Why didn’t I find you guys sooner??”


Most of our space is being taken up by drawer and cupboard units for a research/repair laboratory for a brand new customer we have acquired.  Danny, Lee and Charlie are flat out building drawers and cupboards for this.  Danny is maintaining zen like calm despite all the different drawer depths and heights.

We have used a BLUM Movento undermount runners. This is a top quality runner which can hold weights of 40 kg. they also boast a lovely soft close action.
Two of many drawer units.

We hope to install this in early March, so keep you eye out for that blog.


We are going hell for leather with hospital furniture!  So much so I could list it! I think I’m Gonna…….

  • Warwick Hospital Beaumont Ward Nurse Base
  • Warwick Hospital Maternity Birthing Suites
  • Warwick Hospital Fracture Clinic Counter
  • Stratford Healthcare Office Furniture
  • Warwick Hospital Mcgregor Ward Nurse base (design stage)
  • George Eliot Hospital A&E Nurse Base (Design Stage)

Beaumont Ward

I’ll continue with my brief approach to this weeks Blog…….. Dexter, Owen and Josh are working on the nurse base for Beaumont ward, a double sided counter with storage to the back.

A sneak peak of our rendered visual for Beaumont Ward

Fracture Clinic

Warwick Hospital Fracture clinic has been in the pipeline for a while and after finalising colours and design this week it is about to start when Owen becomes available.  More on this in a couple of weeks!


I have been busy drawing the Birthing suite units for approval, I have received the go ahead today so these can be started.  There will be two initially but we will continue into the hospital to do the remaining four in the spring.

Rendered image for approval.

This has all been approved except for inclusion of mirrors, we also need a layout for the cutouts which will take the various gases and equipment needed during child birth.

The Remaining

The remaining jobs are all still in design and consultation stages, I did visit Mcgregor on Tuesday to layout the proposal for the staff and users to either approve or give feedback on the layout.  George Eliot has been going on for a while now, but as it is such an important part of the hospital we are desperate to get it right.


Owen, like Danny has been juggling so many jobs lately, but his primary focus is Dogs Trust, a couple of counters for Cardiff.  We were all set to Install next Tuesday but a last minute change has pushed us back a little bit in order to make the necessary changes.  I will do another blog on this once we are done!


We have been lucky so far this year to have picked up three new customers,  one in particular has set us the challenge to develop and install some breakout huts.  Basically a booth seating area made from wooden framework which forms, effectively, a hut!  I spent most of Thursday locked away getting my head around it all and designing a way to build it.


My working drawings.

From this drawing we will be able to produce components required to build three separate huts.  We also have a reception counter for this project, Again, I will do a blog on this one in the future so watch this space!!!


So that’s a brief round up of what has been going on this week, Plenty to be going at and keep us out of trouble…….
Sorry this blog has been a bit brief, just a crazy week and I wanted to keep you all up to date with what has been going on!

Have a great weekend!




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