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The weeks and days just meld into one at the moment, its March already, we have an exit strategy from all these restrictions and we’re all crossing fingers, toes and eyes that we will be on track to be let out into the big wide world by June.  We’ve all been keeping our head down at JFW Ltd, producing work as fast as it is ordered.  We keep fighting the usual battles like tight lead times and the struggles in obtaining materials but I think we are winning the war!

I missed a Blog post last week, I apologise but I want to catch you all up with a job we fitted last week.  This particular one was ordered last year which pleased me greatly as it meant we would have something to get our teeth into in the new year.  A two stage project for Coventry University through Deeley Construction, the first phase would be for the curved skirting which you can read about here and some laboratory furniture.  The usual JFW Ltd service was to be provided:

  • Site survey
  • Drawings and designs for approval
  • manufacture
  • installation

I visited the empty building in January after the building contractor had ripped out the old furnishings, I took some site measurements and discussed schedule and access with the site manager, we agreed a date and I hit the road for home and my drawing board (computer).


I feel to truly understand a job you need to write it down or draw it, by doing this you can get your head around all the aspects you need to, what goes where and how its going to fit.  Admittedly (as the boys in the workshop will tell you) that when you’re faced with the physical article things can change, but you still get a pretty good idea of how its going to go.  Drawing this particular one helped us workout the sizes of drawer boxes, how the tops would work and exactly how we were going to make it so it would fit into the room.

These are then sent to the client where the architect/designer can check we have interpreted his designs correctly, agree finishes and approve them for manufacture.

All good on these and we got cracking straight away with drawer units and cupboard units for the demo area and tall units for the storage wall (which looked huge in our workshop, I checked my sizes 3 times as it just didn’t look right…….  It was fine though).

This particular architect loves to mix it up with different coloured doors, laying them out in a completely random pattern, this was to be the 3rd project for him, you can check out the first here.  So we had a bit of fun checking and double checking what colour door went where and if we had enough material.


The team hit site last Wednesday and got cracking straight away. It couldn’t have gone better, everyone knew exactly what to do, everything fit nicely and we fitted it all in the one day, which was fantastic!

We split into 2 teams, Owen and Lee installed the storage wall and Danny, Josh and I fitted the Demo area.  We enjoy our working relationship with Deeley as they just point us in the direction of the install location and leave us to it, fully in the knowledge that we’ll sort any issues and produce a to quality finish.


We are extremely happy with this one and I’m sure you will agree, it looks awesome!  We all have a favourite colour from it (Mine is Formica Steel which is the bluey grey one).  We are looking to be on site with Phase 2 in May.  We have a lot to do before the end of March but its great to have work programmed in for the spring, especially with all the uncertainty flying around.  Keep it coming and we’ll keep producing it!

Have a great weekend all!


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