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Amazon EMA1 or East Midlands warehouse for those of us that don’t speak their code had a predicament, one of its many employees decided to use one of the 70 microwaves they have their and warm some milk up….. for 50 minutes!!  It will come as no surprise to you that it caught fire, which then triggered the health and safety procedures that Amazon have introduced and enforce with the force of something comparable to the SAS.  So they were inspected and it was found that the existing microwave housings didn’t allow for enough ventilation and it needed to be changed ASAP.  We were called in by Company image Commercial Interiors to work with them come up with a solution, at a site meeting I listened to their requirements and went away to produce a design.

A further site visit with colour samples and a size check gave us the go ahead to produce the units.  I then produced further manufacture drawings for Dexter and Charlie to work from.


The beauty of manufacturing anything that has a number of components that are the same is that we can make a jig which we use to run off multiples of the same shape, size or style.  This job was a perfect opportunity to utilise this method.  With a jig for cutting out vents, trimming the angled top, cutting out for the Lamello fittings Dexter and Charlie went crazy producing the various component parts.

It is safe to say that the guys filled the whole of our upstairs space with these beauties!  When the install date came we were glad to get the space back!


With our inductions complete, trolleys loaded up with everything we need we set off to clock up our steps delivering the units to their various locations around the huge warehouse!  The plan was simple, lift them in place and lock together the loose components, silicone up and move onto the next!  I am very please with how it all went, we had great support from the Amazon Team and we were done by 2pm, which when you take in the distance traveled to each canteen is pretty good going!

I visited Amazon in Bardon yesterday to survey another area in a potentially orange colour! – Watch this space!

Have a great weekend!


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