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I guess if you peruse the gallery of our website you’ll see some quite high end stuff, which is great, we want you to see that, we want you to know that we produce quality furniture, and because of this our gallery is filled with these types of photo’s which doesn’t leave much room for the smaller jobs.  So, you would be forgiven for thinking that we only take on the posh big items, I’d like to take this opportunity, especially during this time of high material prices, to say that we accommodate a large range of work, from the basic to the complex, so if you’re thinking ‘JFW Ltd probably doesn’t do this type of little basic job so I wont bother asking’ chances are we do, so get in touch.


Here is a prime example, A very good client of ours Company Image Commercial Interiors came to us with a requirement and a budget, we worked within this budget to produce and install a reception desk for the drivers office at the new Charles Kendall depot in Coalville.  The counter needed to be hardwearing, functional, pleasing on the eye and to fit between two walls.

Knowing the budget allowed me to specify materials to suit and set an accurate deadline for the lads in the workshop to work to. From site survey to installation was a little over a week which also worked for the clients schedule.

If we know your budget, expectations and requirements we can source cost effective materials and methods to fit that budget, I totally understand that sometimes you just need something functional and practical and not all singing all dancing, we just need to know because being the creative perfectionists we are, we can get carried away.  Just because it’s on a budget, doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome!!

So if you have a requirement for a piece of furniture but a tight budget, please get in touch and we will do our utmost to achieve something to suit your budget and requirements.

Have a great weekend!


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