JFW Ltd – Our growing history

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We moved into our new offices in 2022, since then we have been bringing the place to life and making it more personal to JFW Ltd with various tool displays and photographs of our history, easily done when you have 55 years of it!!

We have been wanting to create a display which commemorates all the employees we have had working here, a fair few over the years believe me, so Paula came up with the idea of a tree, where each individual leaf would be an employee past and present.

Each person would craft their own leaf with a shape and an engraved name, doing it this way allows for personalities to be displayed on the tree.

Being the creative one Josh was tasked with designing and making the tree. Working closely with Paula he took her brief and rolled with it to build a tree which had the effect of growing out of the floor, sprawling across the walls and up through the ceiling. Using a veneered Oak board which he drew in full size, then cut and shaped by hand (free hand I must add)

Josh mounted the tree sections onto a back board which he dry fitted into the space,  once dry fitting was finished he stained and lacquered the tree. Going for a classy mahogany colour stain really brought out the grain and matched in with the other items of furniture we have in our meeting room.

After everything had cured Josh fitted the tree Now all we need are some leaves, so if you are reading this and were employed at JFW Ltd between 1969 and now please get in touch and we can discuss leaves! Also if you know anyone else that was an employee please help them to get in touch, we want this tree full of leaves, we want it summer all year round!

FYI, to make them all fit please keep within a 100 mm square and all must be solid timber.

Please let me know what you think!!

Have a great weekend!!


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