All hands on deck for a busy summer at JFW Ltd Cabinetmakers

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Compared to the insanity of last year the start of 2024 has been rather quiet, it’s fine, we’ve had stuff to do but not the “balls to the wall” we had gotten used to in 2023! I was beginning to get a little concerned though, all this talk of the R word and quite frankly our governments inability to run a country didn’t fill me with much confidence.  I managed to take comfort in the enquiries we were getting and the conversations I was having with our wide variety of customers, there was some positivity out there!

However April arrived and things started to wind up, steadily I hasten to add, but something began to stir….. Conversations were being had about orders and delivery dates. Then May hit and the engine fired up! I’m busier than ever producing workshop drawings of furniture for the next two care homes for HomeSmiths Ltd and Kingsley Healthcare, Willows and Olney, you’ll be seeing plenty about this in the coming weeks and months.

We are well on the way with Ben’s Cookies, Goodge St…. Working together with Company Image Commercial Interiors Ltd we are delivering a brand new cookie store for one of our top customers. We have 3 large nurse stations going through the workshop for George Eliot Hospital, worktops for the Rolex cleaning room at Johnsons Jewellers, Cupboards for Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Office furniture for a school in Leicester and a nurse station for Warwick Hospital.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Charlie who has moved away to start a new life in Wales. He will be missed but we wish him the best of luck! So I am currently looking into taking on a new apprentice, I am in talks with the College who are looking to be re-starting their Bench Joinery qualifications later this year, but if you know of a young person who has an interest in woodwork and cabinetmaking, who is keen to learn, get stuck in and is happy to be paid next to nothing for a few years…… (Just kidding, it’s better than it was!) Let me know.

So plenty for us all to be getting on with. Now if you’ll excuse me writing all this has induced a feeling of overwhelming stress and I must breath heavily into a brown paper bag……


Have a great weekend all!



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