JFW Ltd Video’s and the art of not being a bumbling mess

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I’m conscious I haven’t written many blogs lately/this year. I’ve been working behind the scenes on other things which will help bring you information about the goings on at JFW Ltd. This includes Video making.

Under the tuition of Leigh from Nomad Video I’ve been learning all things video, from camera placement, the importance of lighting and good sound. He is teaching me how to edit videos and how to structure them and tell a story. This is something I enjoy doing and I hope to improve on my skills and put out some informative videos all about JFW Ltd onto our YouTube page.

I’m looking forward to improving my skills and learning more along the way but mainly I’m hoping to be more comfortable in front of the camera which in turn I hope will help me with my public speaking skills and in turn lead to me being able to update you on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook much more easily.  You’d think for a guy who has been a best man twice could comfortably stand in front of a crowd and talk about his passions, turns out I can’t….. As soon as I stand up or hit record I turn into a bumbling idiot and forget everything I’ve either rehearsed or planned to say. Takes a few minutes to relax and let it flow, Leigh assures me that this initial awkward stage will get smaller and smaller….. Here’s hoping.

Amongst the work with the video’s I’ve steadily been updating our previous work page: https://jfw-cabinet.com/previous-work/ and gallery: https://jfw-cabinet.com/gallery-of-work/  Here you can see some of the pieces we’ve been working on.

Of course I have also been doing the stuff that is required to procure work, like pricing and designing, also the things I have to do once we have the order like site surveys, drawing, liaising with the team and clients and installing the finished furniture, more on all this another day, in the mean time, check out our YouTube channel.


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All hands on deck for a busy summer at JFW Ltd Cabinetmakers