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Following on from wall paneling at Cirencester College we were asked to supply a surround for the new state of the art media wall that was installed.  This would involve a site visit to measure the screens as we would be working to tight tolerances and had to make sure everything was perfectly level and straight.


Danny and I made a site visit at the end of February to take as many measurements as possible and also check for level, the guys who had installed the screens had done a great job to install and line up 12 huge screens. armed with an array of sizes, photos and sketches I could sit down and produce working drawings for approval.  I had an idea in my head but it was fairly complex until I got it onto the computer and into a technical drawing form.

Making sure to provide as much info as possible to allow the architects, clients and media wall company to make a decision on the surround and if it would work.  The information presented allowed the decision to be made with no need of alterations which allowed us to get cracking.


As you can see from the drawings this was going to be a big bit of kit, thankfully we have moved into unit 4 and have a lot more space to use.  Using formers that we had CNC cut to our drawings Owen could lay it all out and begin the build from the wall out (so to speak).  We opted to get the formers CNC cut as this would ensure pin point accuracy in size and shape, it would also ensure that the unit would be perfectly square.  The various layers of the build up were added a step at a time and ventilation grooves we’re cut to allow for the required air circulation to keep the screens cool.

In the meantime the various facing panels were being made up by Danny, this included the complex fiddly corner boxes.  Each panel was labelled so when on site we knew the order of application.


We took the whole team down to Cirencester on a lovely sunny Monday morning, (minus 2 as Charlie and Dexter had Covid).  We set up the tower scaffolding and rigged up all the laser levels in our possession and set about fixing all the wall plates paying particular attention to the levels.  Once all the wall plates were fitted the black front panels which would serve as the backboard for the facing panels were fixed on, these ensure everything was lined up and locked in.  We then fitted all the facing panels in their corresponding positions and fitted the ventilation grilles.

There was nothing else to do but to stand back and admire the job…..


We are very lucky to get the satisfaction that seeing a finished job gives us. Seeing it from start to finish is probably the best part of this job!

The perfect way to make your huge media wall stand out more than it already does and protect it at the same time!

Have a great weekend.

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