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Following on from East Stour Court we were asked to produce another TV unit for a care home in Ashford, Kent for Ashford county council.  Just like the previous run of care homes which have all been designed by HomeSmiths who are a family run interior design company specialising in care and retirement living.  David Smith one of the Directors at HomeSmiths is himself an award winning cabinet maker, so working with him is great.  Having a fellow chippie to discuss the projects with keeps the process smooth and hassle free.



I surveyed this one a while ago after accidentally taking a big tour of Ashford, huge thanks to sat nav issues for that one!  Anyway, David and I discussed requirements on site and came up with a plan.  The following week I sat down to produce the workshop drawings.  As you may have read in previous blogs we like to draw everything up in order to iron out any creases and overcome any obstacles we may come accross on the shop floor before it gets there, also it helps us all sing from the same hymn sheet so to speak.

These were approved and we were good to go!


What drives us more than anything is diversity, who wants to do the same thing everyday?  We love a challenge and variety offers that, the challenge on this one along with the size of this cabinet was how to illuminate it as required, Danny being the king of LED’s designed his most elaborate wiring system yet and produced hollow shelves to take the cabling to power the spot lights on each shelf. Danny also built the whole unit while Lee fitted the skirting and cornice.

We had to store it for a while as the builders, like everyone else, had issues with supply and labour.  We managed to pencil in a date for week beginning November 15th.


The M1 isn’t my favourite road in the country but I’d argue its better than the M25, unfortunately for us they both featured heavily in our journey down to Kent,  arriving at 10.30 we got cracking straight away, we were fortunate to have a lovely flat and level floor to mount our plinth onto, once perfect we fitted the base unit and fixed it all together.  We had a slight issue with the TV power points being too high, but the electricians on site were extremely helpful and happily moved them down.  Installing the top units were the tricky part, because of the size and a slight belly (large bump) in the wall we had to lift them on and off to trim the unit in order for it to fit.

This was the first one we have had to fit the TV, which suits me as I quite enjoy it, also it was great to see the illuminated TV feature in action.  We had mounted a board on the central panel and fitted an LED baffle around it which would shine out creating a halo lighting effect.  The images below show how effective it was.

We are very happy!

Have a great weekend, I’m off to Dublin for a look around. Take care!


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