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Crikey, how fast has 2021 gone?  It doesn’t seem five minutes since I wrote ‘2020 a year in review……  What a mad one to boot.  We started off as we left off, busy!  Working on cabinets for Deeley Construction and Coventry University.  A nice one for us to get back into the swing of thingswith, this was for a regular customer, always great to work for these guys when the designs are carried out by Robothams.

We manufactured and installed Lab furniture, lockers, shaped glazed screens and specialist skirtings, all totally bespoke and made to measure.


Ordered in 2020 for a 2021 install this would be our second Dogs Trust counter, We supplied two counters, one for the main building and one for a stray centre which would be a 24 hour drop off centre. We installed this on a baking hot day in March and will be featured in the 2021 RIBA Magazine.

As well as the counters we supplied perspex Covid-19 protection screens to every Dogs Trust centre in the UK.  With thanks to Formation Plastics we were able to organise, coordinate and deliver them all within a month prior to the centres reopening to the public.  This is an example of the scope of our work, we really can do anything!


Another big year for us in the healthcare sector, we have been supplying nurse bases, maternity units, bedroom furniture, serveries and much much more, even Perspex hooks for endoscopy scopes.  I feel it is extremely important to provide a high class service to the healthcare sector, especially as these last two years have been so turbulent for the NHS.

We are proud to work closely with a number of Hospitals in the area.

We currently have two projects going through the workshop for Warwick Hospital which will be installed in the new year.  We also have others in the pipeline for other hospitals which have been priced and are either waiting for funding or the go ahead from estates.


We’ve worked on some pretty cool projects over the last 12 months, we’ve supplied lab furniture to a company that calibrates precision gauges, decorative wall paneling, outdoor benches for an art gallery and leisure centre furniture to name but a few.  However the one shown in the below photo for RM Resources was probably the most complex and interesting this year.  We had to overcome many issues and develop solutions to a lot of design implications for this one, however it makes it all the more sweeter.

We are constantly working hard to make our processes smoother and quicker and the wall paneling on the image below was a prime example of this.  You can read all about them in their individual blogs here.

Being the big rugby fan that I am I was very excited to be able to produce furniture for the new training facility at Gloucester Rugby, manufactured using OSB we supplied and installed pigeon hole units, a servery and Media station.  Little jobs like this can be a real highlight.

We have been delighted to carry on working with local business’ to meet their requirements to move forward with their business.  We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Johnsons Jewellers over the years and this year was no exception as we designed, manufactured and installed a new display cabinet for their store.  Why not pop down and take a look?


We have seen massive growth in this area and I have loved it.  Working closely with HomeSmiths Ltd  we have been up and down the country installing lovely bespoke furniture into various care homes and retirement homes.

Being able to produce interesting, awesome and functional furniture is what we are all about, I hope to continue with this into the new year!

Long may it continue.


A large part of our year has been spent working on Unit 4, we have been turning it into offices and workshop space, having this space has come in handy with storage for reasons I’ll explain later.  We are very nearly finished in there and Paula and I will be moving up into our new office with meeting room in the new year, to say we are excited is an understatement.  We will also be unveiling two state of the art air conditioned work spaces available to rent very soon!


We finish on the 23rd for two weeks, its been a tough one and the whole team deserve the break, they’ve worked extremely hard despite all the restrictions and problems, My massive thanks to them, we couldn’t achieve anything without them.

We’ve experienced unbelievable price increases on materials and shortages like I have never seen, restrictions on building sites that have made our job harder than it already is but this is the way of the world now and we must adapt.  We will carry on to do what we do best in 2022 and hopefully we can chalk it down as a success.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a prosperous New Year!

Thank you for the support throughout the year, be you a customer, supplier, contractor or employee.  I have enjoyed working with every one of you.

Merry Christmas.



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