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Christmas came and went and January took it’s place, I don’t know about you but January isn’t my favourite month of the year so If we can hit the ground running with jobs it can take my mind off of the short cold miserable days.  Thankfully we had plenty to get our teeth into, mostly Hospital work which I will talk about in future blogs I am sure.  We also finally moved our office into the brand spanking new office in ‘Unit 4’ more on this another time, for now We will be reminiscing about the last fit of 2021…….. St Clements Care home, Norwich.


With 2021 almost being a distant memory I like to think back and asses what our strengths and weaknesses were, our strengths I feel were definitely the work we produced for the Care homes.  Travelling up and down the country fitting the bespoke furniture designed by HomeSmiths we produced some lovely pieces of furniture which we all enjoyed doing.

St Clements would be the last one of the year, and a great one to end on, a couple of kitchen tops, a TV fireplace bookcase and a bookcase which passed through from the dining room to the living room.  When we received the order, Danny took a drive down to Norwich to measure up.  With a very helpful site manager he was able to get all the info he needed including a skirting sample, having this in our possession would help us get a perfect match for our units.

With the site sizes I was able to produce the working drawings for the lads in the workshop to manufacture the furniture.  Unfortunately the alcove wasn’t exactly in the centre so I had to tweak the design slightly so it all sat symmetrical in the alcove.

As you can see, it took a bit of thinking and “jiggling about” to get it to fit symmetrically in the alcove.  Producing these drawings is always worth it for these reasons.


We had to get this one out pretty quickly with everything else we had going on, that’s fine with us though, we like a good busy build up to Christmas. The team soon had this one on the van and ready to fit, so on a cold Tuesday Morning we took a trip down to Norwich and set to work in a lovely warm, decorated and carpeted room.

Dexter and Josh were fitting tops, Danny and Lee were tasked with installing the TV bookcase while Owen and I tackled the Lounge Diner Bookcase shown above.  Starting with getting the plinths nice and level and at the right height for the top units to fit through the alcove we could then fit the base units and the wall scribes, once in place Owen could then join the solid surface top which would be polished seamlessly and be nicely finished on both sides. The top units would then be installed complete with LED lighting and cornice, all went successfully and we stood back and admired the finished article.

Danny and Lee had similar success with the TV Fireplace Bookcase, Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to see the unit with the TV fitted but I am sure you will agree that the fire unit looks incredible.

A great one to end the year with!


Too soon to tell what’s on the cards for this year, hopefully more like the above……  We are currently producing quite a few items for the various hospitals we work for and will be starting on site next week at Cirencester College for a week long install of decorative wall paneling.  I look forward to telling you all about that one.

I hope this year brings you everything you want and need.

Take care and have a great weekend.


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